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Modeling of submerged groynes in 1D hydraulic computations

Leeuwen, K.C. van (2006) Modeling of submerged groynes in 1D hydraulic computations.

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Abstract:The groyne maintenance of the river Elbe has been neglected for years. As a result the groynes in the Elbe are in bad shape. This makes it a good opportunity to fit the river to meet today's demands making it desirable to be able to estimate the effect of the groynes on the water depth of the river. On the other hand negative side effects are not clear. In river management a Decision support system (DSS) can help to get an overview of the impact of measures on the functions ecology, safety and shipping. A measure that can be used to influence the water level is the adjustment of height, width and spacing (distance between groynes) of the groynes. However, it is not yet possible to model changes made to groynes in a hydraulic 1D-model on a large scale without detailed 2D modelling. For practical reasons in the Elbe-DSS the effect of submerged groynes on the water level is estimated by interpolating between a maximum and minimal roughness of the channel. A 1D hydraulic model is used for the large-scale, because a 2D-model is not very flexible and data demanding. Furthermore the results of the hydraulic model are used in other models as well which do not need the level of detail a 2D-model delivers. The goal of this research is to estimate the effects of submerged groynes and adjustments made to these groynes on the water level in a hydraulic 1D-model through roughness on a large scale.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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