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DICOM Image Retrieval

Veldhuijsen, Gerald van (2006) DICOM Image Retrieval.

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Abstract:With the DICOM standard an enormous set of medical images can be exchanged. A DICOM image contains the actual image data together with several descriptive information blocks. Within the Interoperability department there are many CD's available containing different medical images. An important part of the process of approving a product is the validation of the DICOM interface. For this validation, these medical images are used. Depending on the system to be tested a selection has to be made from the large amount of images available. All available images have to be searched through to see whether the image data and descriptive blocks conform the conditions of the system to be tested. As the number of available images is increasing enormously (the number of CD's is already in the order of hundred's) it is almost impossible to do this job by hand. As an extra difficulty, the CD's are not all stored in a central place, but are distributed over the department. Within Philips Medical Systems there are a few systems available that are able to store images and to retrieve them. It is however not possible to search these systems on conditions relevant for testing. Within the Interoperability department tools are available to extract the relevant data from the medical images. The main subject of the assignment was to find a flexible solution to this search problem. A DICOM retrieval application had to be developed that can use the different available tools. With this application it should be easy to search for relevant images and retrieve these. In the process of development, first of all requirements had to be defined in a User Requirements Specification. Based on these requirements an inventory had to be made of the current systems and tools available. After that a proposal had to be done of the new application. After approval this application had to be implemented as well as tested. Communication with colleagues about the requirements and the functional use of the application played an important role.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Computer Science MSc (60300)
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