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Dutch SMEs and outsourcing : towards an international service approach for INA

Hermans, Casper and Pol, Jan-Willem (2006) Dutch SMEs and outsourcing : towards an international service approach for INA.

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Abstract:The Indonesian Netherlands Association is the official Benelux Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia and has its office in Jakarta. INA aims to facilitate, encourage and support business cooperation between the Benelux and Indonesia and services around 380 members. To this end INA offers a wide range of services. Outsourcing becomes more and more relevant everyday because organizations are trying to outrun the competition by producing their products at a lower cost price. INA has no clear perspective on what Dutch SMEs are relevant at this moment and how she should support them. The central problem of the underlying study therefore is: What service approach should INA offer to selected Dutch small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) interested in outsourcing business activities to Indonesia, and how should this approach be implemented? In order to answer this central problem next steps have been taken: Useful theoretical perspectives in the fields of services, matchmaking and outsourcing are reviewed and selected to be used as the theoretical framework in which this research evolves (Chapter 2). The internal capabilities & constraints of INA in providing the services, needed by the target groups for shifting activities to Asian countries (especially Indonesia), are analyzed (Chapter 3). The following most relevant business sectors have been identified (Chapter 3, 4): ? Metal; ? Furniture; ? Machine/ electro & transportation equipment. Future focus sectors which have been identified: ? IT- & architect sector; ? Agro. The support needs of Dutch SMEs in the above mentioned business sectors have been investigated (Chapter 5). In order to match the support needs to internal capabilities & constraints of INA, a service selection and service approach development has been drawn up. The new service approach consists of the following services (Chapter 6): ? Macro information of Asian countries compared; ? Indonesian Business sector information; ? Practical Matchmaking/ company profiles. The service approach implementation phase (Chapter 7) is divided into ten stages. Each stage is formulated in terms of ativities/tasks, followed by a subsequent time schedule for implementation. In addition to changes in the service approach, its outputs and its implementation, there are some additional recommendations for INA: ? INA should improve their Information system; ? INA should work together with other foreign chambers of commerce in Indonesia; ? INA should use more Dutch and Indonesian students to do research assignments; ? INA can communicate and support with/to Dutch SMEs better by using Branch organizations; ? INA has to give serious attention to the implementation of the suggested service approach. Further research: INA should do extensive research at the (marketing) communication and best ways to assist Dutch SMEs in the Netherlands. INA is now focused at assisting them in Indonesia, but Dutch SMEs like to be assisted before they come to Indonesia.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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