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Extending a new information system with financial information for DMT Design SA : developing a calculation module for DMT DESIGN SA

Vernooij, P. (2006) Extending a new information system with financial information for DMT Design SA : developing a calculation module for DMT DESIGN SA.

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Abstract:This rapport deals with the development of an information system for DMT Design SA, a medium sized company located in Galati, Romania. This company is active in the nternational market for deck-equipment. It is growing very quickly, in terms of turnover and in amount of incoming requests for proposals. All departments are hiring new employees. These developments ask a lot of attention from management to manage and coordinate all extra occurring problems. Therefore management requested for more insight in running processes and underlying financial aspects of these processes. It occurred that all calculations in the company were made on local computers without any sort of structure. This leaded to interdepartmental tensions and to inaccurate cost prices. Coordination of making calculations appeared to be impossible and it was also impossible to acquire financial management information. To develop the desired output of management information and insight into business processes it was chosen to restructure all product-calculations as made in the company. This was done by the creation of a calculation-module, which fitted into the company (new) ERP system. This module offers a clear structure for different departments, internal and external to the company. It makes cost-calculations quite easy and still quite flexible, and open for different employees. A lot of data is directly shared across departmental boundaries, which could prevent some interdepartmental tension. Nevertheless, the system has its practical disadvantages. It is quite static and needs a lot of clicking (not Window-based). It also demands an intensive training and adjusting period for employees. They need to change their way of working quite radically. These problems cause that the module is not completely in use. Currently no calculations are made with the system and most of the newly added functions are not being used. At this moment the system doesn’t have enough momentum to override all employees towards using it. Although management supports the system, full implementation failed. Nevertheless it could offer huge management-possibilities for the benefit of the growth of DMT Design S.A., the growth in orders list and the growth in employees.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration BSc (56834)
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