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Let's Rock!

Gorter, T. (2006) Let's Rock!

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Abstract:This rapport with the bachelor assignment 'shaker' handles the complete design route from prototype to the final concept. The assignment was done with a company, CELLution Biotech, which specializes in developing bioreactors. They have developed the CELL-trainerTM, a bioreactor which uses disposables. Chapter 1, Introduction, tries to explain what bioreactors are, how difficult it is to cultivate certain organisms and how the planning for the assignment was set up. Chapter 2, Market research, describes a market research done under different kinds of bioreactors. There are 2 main different types: stirred tanks and those which are capable of working with disposables, just like the CELL-tainer. The machines looked at mainly made from stainless steel or plastics, to increse cleaning capabilities. Chapter 3, Designroute, contains the list of requirements, stated by CELLution Biotech for developing the first prototype, and supplementary requirements for the housing of the prototype. This chapter also contains an usage research to explain what could be altered to the prototype and to record timings for sampling. Furthermore are the working principles handled and the use of linear motors and the benefit of using these. Before the designs are presented, an ergonomic overview is shown, which have to be considered during the design process. From all the concept, a concept derived from a photo-copier-a-like draft was chosen to continue working on. After decision of what concept to work further on, several sub-parts are discussed. Chapter 4, List of requirements review, reviews the requirements stated in chapter 3 with the current concept. Several requirements were not met, due to lack of time or the missing of an actual prototype of the model. Chapter 5, Conclusion, holds the conclusion and the recommendations for further development. The conclusion says that the design is approved by CELLution, but that the recommendations have to be looked at very specifically to meet all the requirements stated in chapter 3. Chapter 6, Supplement, describes a variation of the final concept described in chapter 3, which was altered 2 weeks before finishing the assignment.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
CELLution Biotech
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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