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Endstops for the mechatronic demonstrator

Post, Albert (2008) Endstops for the mechatronic demonstrator.

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Abstract:The mechatronic demonstrator is developed for students to learn the theoretical aspects of control engineering and to apply this theory in practice. The demonstrator is provided with a hardware safety layer for personal security and to prevent damage. The safety layer exists of two end switches which disable the motor amplifier, when the slider pushes a switch. This layer prevents that the motor damages the demonstrator. The old safety layer is not sufficient and the end stops have too little functionality. In this individual design assignment an analysis has been done to solve the problems and improvements concerning the safety layer of the mechatronic demonstrator. Especially the end stop functionality of the demonstrator needs to be analyzed. Three items of the end stops have to be improved. The first item is the motor brake when an end stop is pushed. The second item is the direction dependency of the slider when an end stop is active. And the last imperfection is that the end stops do not support the homing of the slider. These imperfections are improved and new functionality is implemented on a printed circuit board. The motor brake is improved with a TRIAC. The TRIAC short circuits the motor to decelerate faster instead of the previous disabling of the motor amplifier. Further, the end switches are now direction dependent, allowing the slider always to move away from the end switch. Furthermore the end stops are connected to the computer. With this end stop information a homing operation is added. This bachelor assignment has resulted in an increased end stop functionality of the mechatronic demonstrator. Some recommendations are presented in this report: • A software safety layer is recommended. This software prevents that the slider does not touch the end stops and so, it improves the solutions of some problems. • Implement a slider velocity limiter is software. The slider velocity has to limit to approximately 1.5 m/s. • Implement the detection of the marker in the homing operation, because this detection is currently not implemented in the homing operation. Furthermore, examine the efficiency of the homing speed. • Change the current timing belt for a stronger one, and replace the pulleys for bearing pulleys to pre-tension the belt.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:53 electrotechnology
Programme:Electrical Engineering MSc (60353)
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