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Can Istanbul be as competitive as Paris in the context of regional development process? : which lessons can be drawn?

Özer, Naime Hilal (2007) Can Istanbul be as competitive as Paris in the context of regional development process? : which lessons can be drawn?

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Abstract:The regions are the corner stones of the nations, especially when the economic and cultural aspect is taken into consideration due to the fact that the efficiency and effectiveness of the regions affect the nation’s welfare. If the regions achieve to remain their economic stability in line with their improvement, nationally, the countries become more powerful and competitive in the global basis. It would be improper to disdain the importance of the regions in the context of national economy. With respect to the growth in the world trade and the liberalization of the world trading system, harmonization of fiscal and monetary policies among countries has an increasing trend depending on the discipline which is enforced by the global financial markets. Therefore regions are repressed to compete in the international markets directly. If the regions are efficient in competing, the national economic performance of the countries rises. Therefore the relation between regional competitiveness, trade and national performance is significantly important in global basis. When the European Union is considered, it can truly be said that it is giving the required significance to the regional policies in order to provide the equality between citizens and to make the regions more developed by catching up with the innovations among the world. In this research, the key elements in the regional development and regional competitiveness process will be examined to give a clear idea about these policies by making a comparison between two regions, one from European Union (Paris) and the other from Turkey (Istanbul) which is a candidate country in the accession period. Even though Istanbul is pursuing similar regional policies in accordance with Paris, there are some cultural and systematic differences that avoid its ability to become as competitive as Paris. It is aimed to find out the regional disparities, regional development policies and the impacts of the development policies on regional competitiveness policies of these two regions and to discover the lessons that can be drawn from each regions situation.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:European Studies MSc (69303)
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