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Online publisher; Competing in the digital market of the print industry

Vleerbos, R.G.J. (2007) Online publisher; Competing in the digital market of the print industry.

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Abstract:Recently, some important developments occurred in the print industry. New technical possibilities lead to new ways of offering value to customers. The average customer becomes more demanding because of the new possibilities, he wants to be able to introduce changes until the last moment (flexibility) and keep stock as small as possible (Just in Time delivery). The new developments form on the one hand a big threat to traditional print companies. But on the other hand there are big chances for print companies who adapt to these new developments. PrintPartners Ipskamp (PPI) is a print company specialized in the production of books, brochures, manuals and publications in batches of one to several thousands. PPI has an especially strong position in the academic market, they are market leader in dissertation printing. To answer the changing customer needs and to defend their market position, PPI is planning to set up an online publisher with the possibility to adapt the book layout online. Orders will be printed on demand. To make the online publisher a successful business, it is important for PPI to position the online publisher strategically in the academic publishing market. The goal of this research is to identify a suitable strategy for this: “What is a suitable strategy that allows PPI to position the online publisher in the academic publishing market, with respect to the environment, stakeholders and the company’s strategic capability”. In the literature study, the notions of strategy were examined. Also literature on marketing models and business models was examined to determine suitable models usable in this research. Different segmentation bases were examined to determine a suitable segmentation basis for positioning the online publisher in a suitable market segment. And literature on determining customer needs was examined to set up a thorough basis for the research. The research consists of three parts. First, the print industry has been analyzed to determine the influence of the recent developments. And a preliminary segmentation has taken place in which the academic market has been chosen as a suitable market segment. Then a desk research was executed in which the academic market was analyzed in more detail and the competition in the market segment was analyzed. Also an internal analysis took place to determine the readiness of PPI for the online venture. The empirical research analyses the customers’ point of view towards the possibilities of the online publisher. The goal was to make a match between the offering of PPI and the customer needs and wishes. The results of the research were used as input for a SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis formed the foundation for the recommendations with regard to the strategy that PPI can choose to position the online publisher successfully in the market. The results form a strategic basis for setting up the online publisher in the academic market.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
PrintPartners Ipskamp (PPI), Enschede
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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