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Curtailing corruption in the European Univon : an Asian approach to combat corruption in the European Union

Oosterbroek, J.W. (2007) Curtailing corruption in the European Univon : an Asian approach to combat corruption in the European Union.

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Abstract:The European Union (EU) is currently working to put together a comprehensive EU anticorruption policy. The aim of this policy is to tackle corruption and suggest improvements to give a fresh impetus to all anti-corruption efforts. Furthermore, it aims to reduce all forms of corruption, at every level, in all EU countries, institutions and even outside the EU. This thesis is concerned with the question to what extent the comprehensive EU anti-corruption policy can profit from insights in the Asian approach. This due to the fact that many of the anti-corruption initiatives, institutional structures and frameworks in the Philippines are the result of a very long and incremental learning process in the Asia and Pacific Region. The existing anti-corruption policies in the Philippines and EU are analysed to see if all the different control mechanisms, according to the analytical model, necessary to curtail corruption are in place. This is done through an more in-depth analysis of the existing anti-corruption initiatives in the Philippines and its implementation which is placed in context with the recent developments in the country. This case study carried out in the Philippines is also used to see to what extent the Asia-Pacific approach is used to curtail corruption in the Philippines and what the country has learned implementing its plans. Finally, the current status of the comprehensive EU anti-corruption policy framework is analysed and the lessons learned in the Asia-Pacific Region and the Philippines are used to give recommendations for further improvement of this framework.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Centre for European Studies
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration
Programme:Public Administration BSc (56627)
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