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Online corporate crisis analyse : succesaspecten van online reputatie strategieen

Bode, S. (2008) Online corporate crisis analyse : succesaspecten van online reputatie strategieen.

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Abstract:This master thesis shows the development of a model which contains the elements of a corporate crisis situation and describes the effects of this crisis and how an organization can deal with these effects. This model serves as the basis for an instrument to analyze a corporate crisis. To create such a model all elements and relations between these elements are researched. A corporate crisis situation consists of three elements: the crisis situation itself, the reputation strategy and stakeholder behavior. The crisis situation consists of the crisis event and aggravating and relieving circumstances. The reputation strategy describes the way the organization reacts to the situation and stakeholder behavior can be seen as the impact of the crisis. Each of the elements consists of different characteristics which define each element. With the final model certain expected effects are constructed. Specific characteristics of the internet are researched and applied on the element reputation strategy. It proves to be that the internet makes it possible to use reputation strategies more controlled. Also it proves to be possible to use the model as an analysis instrument pure on base of information found on the internet. The way reputation strategies are expressed on the internet are different and can vary in innovation of the expression. By means of three case studies the developed model is tested as crisis analysis instrument. Interviews with experts are used to contribute to and test the results and to judge the model as an analysis instrument. Also is the use of the internet by organizations during corporate crisis situations researched, judged and are used tactics assessed on usefulness. The model in combination with a crisis analysis procedure prove to be applicable to analyze a crisis on basis of information from the internet in which customers are the main stakeholders and want to predict long term effects. It seems that organizations use the internet intensively during crisis situations. The possibility to speak interactively with customers is not used to its full extend, however the use of this possibility seems to lead to positive reactions with stakeholders. The speed of the internet, broad range and low costs make the internet for organizations a very applicable medium to communicate with stakeholders during a crisis.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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