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Dynamic service composition in an innovative communication environment

Lopez, J.M. (2008) Dynamic service composition in an innovative communication environment.

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Abstract:With the increasing usage of mobile telecommunication devices we are observing the emergence of new approaches to ease the development and deployment of brand new innovative telecommunication services. One of the proposed approaches is the creation of new services by composing already existing ones, we call this process service composition. Service composition facilitates the creation of innovative services that suit the end-user needs, with a reduced timeto-market and better component reuse. The most common approach to perform service composition is at design time, by a service developer. But with the emergence of new technologies, such as semantically annotated services, one can envision new ways to performservice composition. If the process of service composition is performed on demand, automatically, triggered by a user service request, it is considered as dynamic service composition. To identify all the requited phases in a dynamic service composition process, a service creation-life cycle was created. In this Master project we developed mechanisms to support the service publication and service discovery phases of the life-cycle. These mechanisms were integrated with the dynamic service composition framework developed at the University of Twente. To test the proposed mechanisms and evaluate their performance, we created a library of services. These evaluations allowed us to conclude the suitability of the proposed mechanisms to support dynamic service composition. The work performed in this Master thesis has been done in the context of the European FP6 SPICE Project.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Internet Science and Technology MSc (60032)
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