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Fashion victim: iron

Herder, R.G. (2008) Fashion victim: iron.

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Abstract:The Garment Care department of Philips Design Amsterdam asked for inspiration and product proposals for the future of women garment care linked to fashion. The goal of this thesis is to inspire Philips by having a closer look into the link between ironing and fashion. This research includes three different investigations. The first one is about the link between fashion trends and ironing.The second one is about the future of garment and technologies. The third one is about what this means for garment care products and other related products. Visual trends Fashion trends show decoration, drapes and pleats which are hard to iron. Others like delicate fabrics, vitamine finishes and metallic finishes could be easily damaged by an iron or washing machine. The results of this investigation can be found in the ‘Fashion appendix’. Mind-set The fashion trends above mentioned introduce three mind-set directions, freedom, personal and harmony. Comfortable and protective garment and easy to care fabrics are emerging on catwalks and in the streets. People fight back the mass production and consumer society by wearing heartwarming, imperfect and unique clothes. Customers are concerned about the earth’s wellbeing and the exploitative fashion industry. Garment future The three mind-set directions are the guides for the future garment investigation. The future of garment shows all fashion related technological developments. This investigation also shows that there is a lot potential in this area. Examples of interesting developments are growing garment, virtual shopping experiences and nonwovens. Product ideas The product ideas are the result of a combination of the fashion trends and mind-set trends with future technologies. The ideas can be classified in 4 directions: treatment, personal care and prosumption.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Philips Design
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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