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Developing a performance measurement system in a Vietnamese professional service firm

Belt, M. van de (2009) Developing a performance measurement system in a Vietnamese professional service firm.

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Abstract:Purpose : To show how we developed an enabling type of performance measurement system (PMS) within the context of a Vietnamese professional service firm (PSFs). Design/methodology: The study is based on action research where one Dutch researcher backed up by a Dutch coach plays the consulting role in the dsign and participatory developmentand implementation of the system. Findings: An enabling approach towards the development of a PMS within a PSF resulted in a system which makes tacit strategies more expicit. Involvement of all the professionals in the process of explicating the firm’s overall goals creates awareness of the prioritie in their performances. The interaction during this process creates opportunities to transfer knowledge from a personal level to an organisational levl. The approach leads to a system which acts as an employee tool. Employees will get a better insight in their contribution towards the firm’s strategy, will learn from their performances and bring up more new ideas to improve performance. Research implications/limitations: Other PSFs can use the same approach to creating a more strategic oriented, learning organisation. However, the in depth study is based on a single organisation in a non Western country. Therefore more research is preferred. Practical implications: The study proposes a useful approach for PSFs to use a PMS in order to solve the tension between professional autonomy and acieving the firms’ goals by management control. Originality: The PMS literature focuses mostly on implementation issues and on the manufacturing sector or large scaled PSFs. This is one of the few studies that discusses PMS development within the context of a small sized PSF
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
D&N International, Hanoi, Vietnam
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration BSc (56834)
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