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Can Positive Mood Replenish Resource Depletion Resulting in Less Compliance through a Heuristic?

Becker, L. (2008) Can Positive Mood Replenish Resource Depletion Resulting in Less Compliance through a Heuristic?

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Abstract:Can positive mood replenish resource depletion resulting in less compliance through a heuristic? This study examines the effect of replenishment of self-regulatory resources after a depleting task, on compliance through a heuristic. The Elaboration Likelihood Model describes two different routes of a continuum by which people can process information, the central and the peripheral route (Petty, Cacioppo, Strathman, & Priester, 2005). When people are not motivated or able to process all information thoroughly and thus process messages via the peripheral route, they automatically rely more on cues, also called heuristics, to guide their decision making. People have the tendency to respond automatically to compliance promoting heuristics in an influence situation and thus comply faster with a request (Cialdini & Sagarin, 2007). Labelling people as helpful can be used as a heuristic, as it may result in a change in self-concept, which might function as a cue for decision making (Burger & Caldwell, 2003). Self-regulation is a limited resource, which is used for many different tasks which involve self-control or executive functioning (Schmeichel, Baumeister, & Vohs, 2003). Reliance on habit, routine and automatic processing may be caused by used up resources, because the self is less able to function effectively (Baumeister, Muraven, & Tice, 2000). Positive emotions have been shown to bring back the ability of self-regulation (Tice, Baumeister, Shmueli, & Muraven, 2007). The following hypotheses were tested in this study: 1) positive mood can replenish diminished regulatory resources; 2) people comply more if a heuristic is used; and 3) a state of regulatory resource depletion increases the chance of compliance through the use of a compliance promoting heuristic, but when positive mood replenishes regulatory resources this effect will be counteracted.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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