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A change of perspecitive : the influence of camera angles on product evaluation

Bevers, Inge (2007) A change of perspecitive : the influence of camera angles on product evaluation.

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Abstract:For decades, researchers have tried to shed some light on the influence of camera angles on evaluations of people and, more recently, of products. Camera angles can induce the impression of looking up or looking down at an object, by photographing an object from below or above respectively and can therefore influence how people see and evaluate products. Thus far, research on camera angles has only focused on vertical camera angles (y-axis) and on products shown straight from the front side, but there are of course more dimensions. This study extends on previous research by taking changes on the horizontal dimension (x-axis) into account, in addition to changes on the y-axis. In order to study the effects of vertical as well as horizontal camera angles on product evaluation, photos of eight different products were used. On the y-axis, photographs were taken from a high angle, a low angle and at eye-level. On the x-axis, pictures were taken from the left, the right and the front side of a product. The findings in this study were not consistent with previous research. Based on previous research it was expected that products photographed from a low angle would be evaluated most favorably. However, vertical camera angles had no significant effect on perceived product quality. Furthermore, horizontal camera angles per se had no significant effects at all. Changes on the x-axis did interact, however, with changes on the y-axis and with the products, that is, different horizontal angles were preferred for different products. Another striking finding was the fact that the independent variable ‘product’ had a significant effect on all factors. This means that the information provided by the product itself and prior knowledge about the product were often of more influence than the camera angle that was used. Some important lessons can be learned from this study. There is more to product photography than vertical camera angles alone. Prior knowledge and a product’s unique features have great influence on how a product is perceived. Camera angles may not always have such great influence, but they can certainly be used to enhance the right features. A good product will sell itself, but the right camera angle makes it stand out.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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