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Risk communication for water reuse projects

Yska, D. (2008) Risk communication for water reuse projects.

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Abstract:This exploration research is conducted as part of a research about water recycling in general. The problem was that too little was known yet about risk communication, specific on water reuse projects. Therefore the research question is : Which factors are important for communicating with shareholders about the risks of water reuse? The research has got two parts: a literature review and a field research. The literature review shows the there is a lot of information about ha communication, but very little specific for water reuse projects. The general information on risk communication can be very useful for water reuse projects; especially the approach that risk is a combination of inward and outrage. A lot of outrage factors can be involved with water reuse, so risk communication should also focus on outrage mitigation and notjust on the hazards of water recycling. The conclusion from the held research is that it can be most important to convince a project manager of the need of risk communication. Risk communication in practice can be very different from what is described in the literature as got risk communication. None of the projects described in the field research handed a very active risk communication plan. Future research could therefore flats on how to align the practice with the theories. For a general conclusion about risk communication on water reuse projects, the field research is too constricted and further research is needed. Other water reuse projects can be very different from the projects in this research which might lead to different results
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration
Programme:Public Administration BSc (56627)
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