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Een onderzoek naar redenen voor het afhaken van deelnemers van de pilot studie Gezond Gewicht Assistent

Kruse, M. (2009) Een onderzoek naar redenen voor het afhaken van deelnemers van de pilot studie Gezond Gewicht Assistent.

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Abstract:Nowadays it is a great problem that participants drop out of health programs. The reasons for this are still unknown. Therefore, it is impossible to adjust the programs and to keep the people involved. In this study, 293 participants who dropped out of the internet pilot study “Gezond Gewicht Assistent” (GGA), were asked to complete a questionnaire to examine the reasons for their drop out. The questionnaire asks for background information, information about the GGA, different kinds of self-efficacy, conscientiousness and extraversion. The data was statistically analysed through t-tests, frequencies and one-way ANOVAs. The reasons for drop out were qualitatively analysed. Furthermore, it was checked if the GGA-website contains the so-called 5 A’s which provide behaviour-change in internet applications. This was the case. One important result of this study is, that people who remained in the GGA and people who dropped have a significantly different age (t= 11,002, p< .05). It appears further that the participants who dropped out have generally a high self-efficacy and also high internet-self-efficacy. But concerning the GGA their self-efficacy was rather low (t= 5,961, p< .05). The most important mentioned reasons for drop out are different competitive circumstances and the discontent to spend time on using the GGA. Furthermore, it seems that the workload was too high. With regard to conscientiousness and extraversion no differences between the participants and the standard population were found. So this was no reason for drop out
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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