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Het verwijsgedrag van de hulpverleners naar de cursus 'Gericht op de Toekomst'

Veldboer, Anja (2009) Het verwijsgedrag van de hulpverleners naar de cursus 'Gericht op de Toekomst'.

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Abstract:The research has focused on the determinants of the referral behavior from social workers, to the course ‘Focused on the Future’. This is a course for women who have experienced itemed partner violence. De research group consisted of 12 persons who each came from institutions such as Carint, SMD, E-H and Mediant. The ASE-model of de Vries (1988) was used as an implementation theory during the process of creating the questions and analysing the results. The interviews were semi-structured, and taped with a digital voice-recorder. The answers where typed word by word. The results show that the respondents thought that the course was well put together, they felt involved, and they think it is fit for the aid program. They were sufficiently familiar with the inclusion criteria, however 50% does not know much about the content of the course. Further more, they don't yet know what the attitude of their colleges is regarding the course, their knowledge about the course, or the referrals that they will be giving. There is the suspicion that some have the course less ready. There seems to be no rules put up by the institutions regarding the actions. The colleges, as well as themselves go with the professionalism they have as a social worker. When the social worker want to refer a woman to the course, they inform her by showing her the pamphlet of the course and many try to motivate the client by convincing her of the usefulness of the course. Before referring a client, they contact the course holder of their own institution. Thereafter they only receive feedback of the organisers when the client does not meet the inclusion criteria, or quits the course. The waiting time for the course and the attitude concerning the participation, are seen as barriers by the social workers in their referral behavior. Recommendations are focused on the approach towards the waiting, the embedding of the protocols and the way the police works in the area of Hengelo and Enschede
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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