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Energy scenarios in a water perspective : changes in water footprints related to energy transitions

Lienden, A.R. van (2009) Energy scenarios in a water perspective : changes in water footprints related to energy transitions.

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Abstract:Transitions in the energy sector are occurring continuously. They are driven by the need to find more efficient, cleaner and sustainable fuels. The use of bio-energy is currently seen as an alternative that has many of these characteristics. Renewable energy from plants and trees seems very promising and countries all over the world are already heavily promoting its use. It is not strange therefore that bio-energy has a prominent role in future energy scenarios. In general, it is expected that in 2030 biomass will have the largest share of all renewables. However, the large-scale production of energy from biomass also has its complications. Issues about competition between food and energy crops and the carbon dioxide neutrality of bioenergy are already discussed plentiful. In addition, many studies have been done to examine the extent bio-energy can be used in the light of land availability, agricultural technology, biodiversity and economical development. But there are very few studies that look at the impact of bio-energy on the water system. Plants and trees need water to grow and the production of biomass is indisputably one of the largest water consumers in the world. This research aims to map the consequences of the transition to a larger share of bio-energy in total energy consumption on the water footprint of energy sectors across the globe, and subsequently assess the water stress caused by existing energy scenarios for 2030. The water footprint is a measure of how much fresh water is used to produce the goods and services, in this case bio-energy.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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