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Rampzalige voorbereiding? : een onderzoek naar de voorbereiding van burgers op rampen in de provincie Overijssel

Laat, M.C.H.A. de (2009) Rampzalige voorbereiding? : een onderzoek naar de voorbereiding van burgers op rampen in de provincie Overijssel.

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Abstract:In current society citizens are continuously exposed to all kinds of risks. The government can't guarantee its citizens absolute security in this so-called 'risk society'. For this reason citizens are, beside the government, also responsible for the realisation of a safe environment. With respect to risk and disasters it is important that citizens take preparation measures to diminish the chance of becoming a victim. Dutch legislation obliges the government to communicate concerning risks. As a result of this the province Overijssel has started its project 'risk communication' to stimulate citizens to prepare themselves for disasters. However, similar national campaigns do not appear to have the desired impact. Because of this the question rises which factors influence disaster preparation of citizens and how can the province Overijssel create basis to raise the degree of preparation? For the research 107 inhabitants of the municipality Zwolle have been questioned by phone. The research makes clear that the degree of disaster preparation of citizens is low. As part of this, risk awareness proves to be very important. Most citizens are not aware of the risks in their environment and have no idea what they can do to reduce these risks. Risk perception (and with that the social demographic factors which can influence this perception) appear to have less influence on the degree of preparation. Citizens lack the awareness and knowledge concerning risks. Because of this they can't estimate the dangers. Further, citizens keep the government responsible for their safety instead of keeping themselves responsible. There can be stated that the citizens do not yet recognise the idea of a risk society in which the government can't solve all social problems on its own. It doesn't prove to be clear that citizens keep themselves responsible for their security with respect to risks and disasters in current society. As a result, transmitting this message has to be the main priority. The citizens must be clearly motivated to keep themselves responsible to prepare for disaster. The following recommendations have been made to the province Overijssel to create basis so that citizens will prepare for disaster: Open communication concerning the role of the government, what is expected of the citizens and why this is expected; To reach the citizens, daily mediums such as radio, TV, newspaper and Internet are important. Besides this the use of social networks can be an important addition; Citizens need to have the possibility to express their wishes and questions; The province must realise that the motivation process is a long-term and complex route; It is wise to examine the possible increased role of social demographic characteristics on the motivation process during the course of the project;
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Public Administration MSc (60020)
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