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Good Governance and Policy Addressing Poverty Alleviation in Ukraine

Popovych, Oksana (2008) Good Governance and Policy Addressing Poverty Alleviation in Ukraine.

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Abstract:Ukraine – is one of the poorest countries in Europe. This is despite high (close to Europe) educational qualification of the people, rich natural resources and constant economic growth during 2000-2005. The policy addressing poverty alleviation which began in 2001 proves to be unsystematic and ineffective. However, the main reason of poverty retaining in Ukraine is seen in bad governance, which comprises widespread corruption, non-transparency and non-accountability of public policy making, closeness of public authorities from citizens’ participation and control. Instead, good governance is considered to bring in powerful change in the condition of the poor. Actually, this belief is imbued with the Orange Revolution (fall 2004) in the country, arrival of new political leadership with a new vision of Ukrainian breakthrough. Current research examines post-revolutionary (2005-2008) policy addressing poverty alleviation in Ukraine and the place of good governance in it. It utilizes documentary analysis and, in particular, content analysis as a research method in order to disclose appearance of good governance agenda in the legislative acts representing policy addressing poverty alleviation in Ukraine. In addition, as a segment of poverty alleviation state activity, youth policy is examined due to young people found in a tight corner in pre-revolutionary Ukraine and considering young generation as future leaders of the country which will implement good governance. The results of the investigation are important in the sense that Ukraine is currently on the threshold of development of new poverty reduction strategy, the indispensable constituent of which, according to the thesis argument, should become good governance agenda. Looking differently, the fundamentals of the Orange Revolution are an original source for good governance agenda to spring from. Accordingly, the purpose of the research is to uncover whether revolutionary intentions translate into requisite legislation and consequently policy implications. The study concludes on the level of good governance agenda development in Ukraine and provides recommendations according to existing mechanisms at place for its implementation.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration
Programme:Public Administration MSc (60020)
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