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Het gebruik van de Virtuele Oogarts en het opvolgen van advies

Oude Weernink, E. (2009) Het gebruik van de Virtuele Oogarts en het opvolgen van advies.

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Abstract:The Virtuele Oogarts is an application aimed at triage; it helps people to decide whether or not their complaint is serious enough to bring a visit to the doctor. People fill in a questionnaire aimed at their complaint where they can select their own complaint out a list of fourteen complaints. After that, they run through a series of questions to explain their complaint. At the end of the questionnaire they will receive a computer-generated advice. The goal of this research is to gain insight in the use of the Virtuele Oogarts and the determinants that influence the behavior to follow up on the advice. The research question is: How is the Virtuele Oogarts being used and which variables play a role with the follow up the advice?This research is split up in two smaller studies. The first study focused on the use of the Virtuele Oogarts. We assessed the reasons for use, the user characteristics and the differences in age and sex. Also, the frequencies of the complaints, the types of advice and the judgments about the Virtuele Oogarts were being analysed. The second study addressed the factors that play or don’t play a role in the follow up of the given advice. This part was investigated using an online questionnaire that was being offered to the respondents at the end of the Virtuele Oogarts and a follow-up questionnaire two weeks later. The Virtuele Oogarts was being visited slightly more by women than men and mainly in the age of 51-75 and the group consisted for a great deal of middle- to high educated people. The factors that decided if one were to follow up the advice were response effectiveness, judgment about the system and the plan to go to the doctor before the use of the Virtuele Oogarts. 56,8% of the advices to go to the doctor were being followed up and 60% of the self-care advices
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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