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The whole vs. sum of parts : the battle on composite logos : the whole versus the sum of its parts

Hollander, E. (2009) The whole vs. sum of parts : the battle on composite logos : the whole versus the sum of its parts.

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Abstract:Purpose: Exploring the effects and striking features of composite logos and testing the findings on knowledge, attitude and behaviour in an experiment with newly developed composite logos. Methodology/approach: A total of 202 participants have contributed to this study: 10 consumers were interviewed with projective techniques, 6 experts with a profession in logos were interviewed, 12 respondents tested all stimuli and 174 students participated in the experiment. Findings: Composite logos affect the perceived feminine and masculine brand personality of a company. The effects on brand personality and logo evaluation were moderated by the visual acumen of people. No effects were found on company knowledge or behavioural intention. Practical implications: Composite logos can be used to realize a feminine brand personality. The usability, strength and direction of this effect is determined by the elements within and the type of product the composite logo is used for. This could be a high aesthetic and designer product or a product in which aesthetic design plays no role. It is assumed that people with high visual acumen are more attracted to aesthetically designed products than those with low visual acumen. Originality/value: Effects of composite logos have not been examined in existing research and offer a rich basis for new literature on several aspects. Results and preliminary research showed a reciprocal relationship between the individual elements within and the overall figure.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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