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Ontwerp ter bevordering van de kennisoverdracht op het gebied van werkplekergonomie

Linden, B. van der (2010) Ontwerp ter bevordering van de kennisoverdracht op het gebied van werkplekergonomie.

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Abstract:Peopleϐirst is a company specialised in business ergonomics at the workstation. This report will cover the development of a supportive tool during the period of making yourself familiar with the company, focused on the product workplace-analysis. After the required preliminary investigation, the basic thought is combined in a variety of requirements. The list has been split into three sections: • Requirements to reach the goal: The goal of the concept is to reduce the familiarisation period of the new employee and to reduce the required assistance of an experienced employee. The information must cover all the knowledge necessary to accomplish a well-produced analysis. • Requirements according to the user: The user is a new commercial agent at Peopleϐirst. His or her knowledge about the ergonomics at a workplace is probably limited. For the concept to be usable, it needs to be at the right level with the right linguistic usage. • Requirements according to Peopleϐirst: The concept needs to conϐirmwith the standing procedure off Peopleϐirst. More practical requirements are the budget/ time investment and the possibility to keep it up-to-date. These requirements form the basic during the development of three concepts. They differ in the way how direct the user in his learning progress. Does the user follow a strict line of activities or can he decide for himself how he learns? Concept 3, a set of cards, got the most positive reactions. Not only when compared to the list of requirements, but also in the opinion of Peopleϐirst. The cards all use the same composition. The front side shows an image of a facet inϐluencing the perfect work place. The back side provides more information about the facet, like the deϐinition of the problem, guidelines, possible solution and a reference to external information. Extra information about the product workplace-analysis can be found in the guidelines, which are developed to support the cards. The also describe different ways to use the cards, individual or with an experienced employee. The end of the reports describes a side project, an ergonomic passport. It shows the participant of a workplace-analysis information about his own personal settings. A draft is presented, but it is the up to Peopleϐirst if it will be ϐinalised.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Peoplefirst, Enschede, Nederland
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
Keywords:kennisoverdracht, ergonomie, werkplekergonomie, werkplek
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