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Nieuwe kweek voor Hendrix UTD : instroom van personeel in de agrarische sector

Franken Volmerink, Sophie (2009) Nieuwe kweek voor Hendrix UTD : instroom van personeel in de agrarische sector.

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Abstract:This research examined which factors make it attractive to accept a job as representative at Hendrix UTD. This way Hendrix UTD gets a better view how to present the job in the market, to find new staff more easily. From the literature, it became clear that the following six aspects influence the intention to work for a company; work contents, reward, working conditions, training and career possibilities, balance between work and personal life, and the match between a person and an organization. The six theoretical aspects combined with the most important characteristics of a job as representative formed the basis for the questionnaire. This questionnaire existed of 73 items, most of them where based on a Likert scale. The questionnaire was filled in by students of the CAH Dronten and students of the Windesheim in Zwolle. Agrarian students, for example CAH students, ensure an usual inflow of staff for Hendrix UTD. Moreover a commercial school has been chosen, such as commercial economics at Windesheim. There is deliberately chosen to investigate in a non agrarian school, because it is getting harder to find new staff within the usual canals. Commercial economics has been chosen because a job as representative is a commercial function. The analysis showed that only a few students from Windesheim were willing to work for Hendrix UTD. So it is not useful for Hendrix UTD to try and recruit students from this school. Striking was that more than the half of all CAH students wants to work for Hendrix UTD. Therefore, this is an important target group for the company. A first recommendation for Hendrix UTD is to go to the agrarian high schools and try to recruit potential staff for the function of representative. A factor analyses revealed that the six theoretical aspects actually existed out of 15 factors. Four of these factors had the most influence on the choice ‘want to work or do not want to work for Hendrix UTD’. These were salesman, person, social life and overtime. Salesman is about the type of job Hendrix UTD offer, namely a combination of salesman and consultant. It appears that when respondents want a job as salesman and consultant, they do not want to work at Hendrix UTD. Therefore Hendrix UTD must emphasize better that a job as representative offers unique chances for people who want to do something in sales and consulting. Person is about visiting customers, independence, own ideas, pushing yourself to the limit and your own implementation of the job. If respondents are focused on these opportunities, then they do not want to work for Hendrix UTD. Respondents feel that Hendrix UTD is not the company that offers such opportunities in a job as representative. Hendrix UTD has to amplify their profile and convince the people that the job they offer does have a lot of challenges. Social life and working overtime are strongly related. When respondents value social life and hobbies a lot, then Hendrix is not the company that fits the respondents need. When respondents don’t have problems with overtime, Hendrix UTD is a company that can be of interest for them. Last statement suggests that Hendrix should open their eyes and realize that expecting much overtime from your employees is going to pay its price regarding the flow of new personnel and to keep them with the company for a longer period of time. Overtime has to be cut down; this will lead to more time for social needs, which is important for employees. Instr
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Hendrix UTD
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Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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