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Capacity building for the future primary health care of mothers and children in Iraq

Kleine, Stefanie (2010) Capacity building for the future primary health care of mothers and children in Iraq.

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Abstract:Currently, Iraq is rebuilding and developing a primary health care (PHC) focused health system. Knowledge plays an important factor and is really needed. This study focuses on the current knowledge needs. The goal of the study is to identify relevant opportunities for Iraq, in terms of knowledge capacity building, in order to achieve an effective and efficient PHC system for mothers and children. The study consists of a two round Delphi study, supplemented with literature. In the first round PHC needs were identified by a questionnaire. The second round consisted of telephone interviews with experts in order to identify educational themes and available educational programmes. An important conclusion is that the educational programmes have to focus on two different target groups: the Iraqi (medical) students and the (to be) trainers. In order to fulfil the educational needs of the (medical) students, medical curriculum developments are needed. The Iraqi (to be) trainers (who disseminate their knowledge to the workers in the field) need capacity building and training the trainers programmes. Not only is medical (intervention) knowledge needed for both target groups, but also service delivery management knowledge is required in order to deliver effective and efficient PHC’s. Based on the current PHC needs, it is recommendable to focus the educational training projects on the following themes: Prevention and follow-up services; Proper care before, during and after giving birth; Mentally and/or physically disabled children; PTSD mental health care; Health service delivery management; Medical record keeping and collecting health service data. Cooperation with institutions like universities and centres of excellence could contribute to knowledge capacity building. But also cooperation with governmental bodies and an extensive group of experts would improve the success of the educational programmes. Further research should, among other things, investigate further funding sources for developing and providing the proposed educational training programmes but also identify Iraqi scholars and experts who would like joint cooperation.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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