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Concretiseriing van MVO biij BAM Infratechniek

Hollink, B. (2010) Concretiseriing van MVO biij BAM Infratechniek.

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Abstract:This research is about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within BAM Infratechniek. CSR is for most people an unclear concept and still fully on the move. We see more often that organizations gets active in many ways on the different aspects from CSR. On the field of CSR, BAM Infratechniek is basically following the CSR-policy of Royal BAM Group, but for a broad fulfilment it is wise to have a look at the most important instructing parties and what they think is important in the field of CSR. In this way an overview has arisen from the way we mapped the survey at the most important instructing partners. This overview contains several ‘sub areas’ on which activities can be undertaken to give in one or another way fulfilment to CSR. It is also used to map the different initiatives of organizations and their mutual connection. From this perspective it became clear that CSR often gets implemented in a broad way. Therefore BAM Infratechniek is recommended to develop their CSR-policy and program of implementation also in a broad way. This research made also clear that awareness of employees is important for a successful implementation of CSR and that internal communication can play a prominent role in this. Before the conclusions are mentioned, we treated an article which shows us where to pay attention to while implementing a big change in an organization. It makes clear that CSR is not a matter of ‘just implementing it’, by showing mistakes of other organizations and treating them. Finally is concluded that CSR becomes more and more important and that it’s good for BAM Infratechniek to follow this development. While CSR becomes more tangible in this research, it will be easier to give direction to this subject. Although there are different activities on the field of CSR, there is missing a kind of ‘hallstand’ to hang those activities on. This hallstand will make the subject more usable and show us on which sub areas actions are desired. Hereby we made the note that it is good to measure periodically the current situation of each sub area, even if there are no activities in that area. When we keep on making measurements, eventually negative developments can be discovered and fixed soon. In this report the research is treated as follows; in the introduction the research plan is described to continue with a literature study in chapter 2. In chapter 3 the developments at instructing partners on the field of CSR will be mentioned and in chapter 4 the developments within Royal BAM Group on this field. In chapter 5 the connections between the developments are described to explain this in chapter 6. In chapter 7 the conclusions are mentioned with some considerations in chapter 8. The report will be closed with points for discussion, the list with used literature and the appendices
Item Type:Essay (Master)
BAM Infratechniek bv
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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