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De implementatie van MVO: Een case study bij De Woonplaats

Oonk, Danny (2010) De implementatie van MVO: Een case study bij De Woonplaats.

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Abstract:‘Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming more popular in the Netherlands. The number of SMEs1 that have discovered the ‘new way of doing business’ is growing, the government is implementing sustainable procurement, pension funds look for investments in CSR and also the consumer seems to be ready.’ ( Commercial organizations, semi-public organizations and government organizations increasingly recognize the importance of CSR. Despite this growing popularity many organizations still struggle with the question: ‘How can I do business on a socially responsible manner?’ Organizations are faced with difficulties and uncertainties when it comes to implementing CSR and integrating CSR in business. The CSR theory gives no clear answer to the question how the implementation of CSR ideally should proceed. Moreover, there is yet no common understanding of what CSR means. There are various flow charts, action plans and implementation strategies. Opinions about the necessary elements, the correct sequence and detail levels vary. The uncertainties within organizations on what CSR means in practice, how CSR can be implemented and the divergent views on the implementation of CSR in the theory are the main motivation for this research. Special attention is given to the implementation of CSR in the housing association sector and in particular the implementation of CSR at housing association ‘De Woonplaats’. De Woonplaats Central to this case study is housing association ‘De Woonplaats’. ‘De Woonplaats’ is an organization who sees itself as a real estate company with a social objective. ‘Real Estate Company’, because the core business of the organization is to invest and operate in real estate. ‘With a social objective', because the revenues of the organization is used to invest in society. ‘De Woonplaats’ has a property of approximately 20,000 homes in the Achterhoek and Enschede. ‘De Woonplaats’ employs about 200 people, most of which at the head office in Enschede. ‘De Woonplaats’ is a progressive housing association. This results in objectives like promoting the independence and autonomy of its customers. It is also an innovative organisation that takes into account the changing world we live in. ‘De Woonplaats’ is interested in the content of CSR for housing associations and how ‘De Woonplaats’ can implement CSR. Within the organization are already several CSR activities, but they are fragmented through the organization. ‘De Woonplaats’ asks himself what the next step is in the process of CSR implementation. This brings us to the following objective and research questions.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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