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The decision making process in the subsidy market

Oude Avenhuis, Mark (2010) The decision making process in the subsidy market.

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Abstract:Opportunities and challenges arise when organizations have difficulties in requesting subsidies. Intermediaries are using their expertise and are helping these organizations in requesting subsidies. PremieAdviseurs is specialized in investigating the subsidy opportunities and giving energy advice. Within five year, PremieAdviseurs their goal is to secure a position in the energy sector in the Netherlands. An understanding of the decision process in the subsidy market will be essential in broadening the current package of services. For that reason the research goal is: Create understanding in the decision making process in the subsidy market The decision making model of Mintzberg (1976) is chosen out of several models about the decision making process. This model consist out of three phases and starts with the identification phase that consists out of the recognition routine and the diagnosis routine. The second phase, the development phase, consists out of the design routine and the search routine. The third and last phase is the selection phase, consisting of the screen routine, evaluation-choice routine and authorization routine. The model is used to clarify the whole process of the subsidy request and to identify the bottlenecks in this process. This theoretical model of Mintzberg (1976) is used to develop a theoretical model that can be applied in the subsidy market. All routines will are described and this will be the basis for the telephone questionnaire that is performed. 40 organizations are being interviewed in the following seven different organization types: wholesale business, care organization, housing corporation, installer, swimming pools, care homes and the reintegration. Organizations in each organization type have been interviewed and the employee class (small/medium/large) is used to determine the range. Only in the re-integration are the organizations chosen by purposive sampling using the internet. Organization specific and combined results and recommendations are given for PremieAdviseurs. PremieAdviseurs can actively approach the larger, thirty and more, organizations in the wholesale. The care organizations and the care homes are also an interesting, but insecure, market for acquisition. It should therefore not get the entirely focus even as the housing corporation and the installer market. Those markets are only attractive when there is a high difficulty in performing the subsidy request, otherwise the organizations in the housing corporation and installer market are performing the subsidy request internal. Swimming pools and organization in the re-integration are not interested for PremieAdviseurs since these organizations already receiving assistance from branch specific organizations and do not need any help of an intermediary. These organization type specific results can combined into the overall results from this research. Organizations that have contact with their social network performed a subsidy request in the in past even as the organization that are searching for subsidies. Furthermore is 85 % of the organizations that is performing an internal request not need any kind of help from an intermediary. Important criteria in selecting an intermediary in the branch organizations that have been interviewed differ from the scientific literature. Rate is ranked in the middle position according to the theory, where in this research rate is seen as the most important criteria in selecting an intermediary. Reference and reputation however are ranked high in the literature and in the performed research. The following recommendations for PremieAdviseurs resulted out of this research. PremieAdviseurs should start reaching internal consensus about the long term goal and act on the determined goal. The goal of PremieAdviseurs is to gain a position in the energy sector within five years on a structural and continuous basis, the long term vision of the company is very important. Is the long term goal to 3 gain the highest amount of money by each client or to built a long term relationship with clients by asking a lower rate. An interdependent point is that at start of this long term goal services can be offered gain market share, instead of offer only profitable services. After achieving a consensus on the long term, PremieAdviseurs their website should be up to date and attractive. When this is accomplished organizations will easier select PremieAdviseurs as their (potential) intermediary. It is furthermore essential that the website should attend high in the search hits since a lot of organizations are using the internet searching for an intermediary. When search optimization is performed for the current website, it will be easier for potential clients to locate PremieAdviseurs.
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PremieAdviseurs, Utrecht
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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