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Model based systems engineering in warehouse design : automatic report generation from SysML models

Plegt, Teun (2011) Model based systems engineering in warehouse design : automatic report generation from SysML models.

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Abstract:As a part of a bigger research project to develop a new warehouse design process using model based systems engineering, research has been done on the automatic generation of a requirements report from a SysML instance model of a warehouse. The research involved the creation of an instance model of a warehouse in SysML from an existing requirements report as there is no existing model yet as the proposed warehouse design process is still in a conceptual phase. To create a warehouse model in SysML a structure was developed to contain all specific warehouse elements and requirements whilst keeping the model clearly structured and easily readable. The structure was tested with several different types of warehouses and was found to be very useful and might in the future be used for other applications. The created model was used as a basis for automatically generating a requirements report. The report generation was performed using the report generator tool from MagicDraw UML, the used SysML modeling environment. The report generator uses a template written in the Apache Velocity Template Language to collect data from the model and present them in a report. An existing template was heavily modified to get to a satisfying requirements report. The resulting report was found to be quite useful. It showed all requirements in a clear way that was easily readable and very well suited for the envisioned target audience as it reads like a checklist. With some small modifications the report could be used in practice and might even replace the existing requirements reports. The automatic report generation is also found not to be a bottleneck in a warehouse design process that uses model based systems engineering and fully supports the envisioned new warehouse design process.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Fraunhofer Institut fur Materialfluss und Logistik, Dortmund, Germany
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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