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Een monitor voor de regierol van de gemeente in de Centra voor Jeugd en Gezin

Jong, Amy de (2009) Een monitor voor de regierol van de gemeente in de Centra voor Jeugd en Gezin.

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Abstract:The Dutch Ministry of Youth and Families decided that every municipality should have a Centre for Youth and Families (CYF) by the year of 2011. Such a centre unites all assistance and aid considering the bringing up of children. The municipalities have been given the task by the Ministry to direct (the making of) these centers. At the moment most of the municipalities are in the process of constructing their CYF. To provide the municipalities insight into their directing role in the CYF, Lysias ordered the development of a monitoring instrument. This monitoring instrument has to provide Lysias with the possible improvements in municipal direction and it also has to provide municipalities with a clear view on the quality of their CYF implementation. The monitoring instrument was designed in three stages: The first version of the monitoring instrument is based on literature on policy implementation. The second version of the monitoring instrument is specified based on the national CYF policy. The third version was founded by testing the monitoring instrument with the help of three municipalities: Almere, Arnhem and Enschede. De final monitoring instrument has been constituted as follows: Policy level Intermediate level Operational level 1. Ensure enough resources 2. Commit partners to policy 3. Design organizational structure of CYF 4. Organize direction 5. Secure responsibilities of municipality and partners 6. Construct agreements 7. Design a structure of consultation 8. Organize monitoring process 9. Organize coordination of care Three different levels of direction are distinguished: the policy level, the intermediate level and the operational level. The policy level is about preparing the municipal organization for carrying out CYF policy and create commitment amongst partners. In the intermediate level, the CYF policy is actually carried out, in cooperation with the partners. The operational level is about actually providing information and care to parents and youngsters. Each level has its own tasks and responsibilities for the municipal director. These tasks and responsibilities have embedded in the monitoring instrument as activities. Together these activities constitute a complete view of the role of the municipal director in the CYF, by filling in the different activities with information from a specific municipality and the opinions of these municipality’s partners about the way it plays its role. The monitoring instrument should be used as a quick scan in an evaluation of the municipality as director in the CYF.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Lysias Advies BV
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration
Programme:Public Administration MSc (60020)
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