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The Status of Turkish Cypriots under European Law

Yildirimtürk, Fetine (2009) The Status of Turkish Cypriots under European Law.

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Abstract:The on going explicit controversial political dilemma of Cyprus has been in the forefront of its agenda since 1960s and was acknowledged by the European Union in 2003. At present, it continues to preserve its singularity and is under the auspices of EU. The country owes its unique reputation to its territorial lack of integrity and unity all of which make it an exceptional Member State, together with its breakaway de facto proclaimed in 1983, when compared with the other Member States of the European Union. The island is divided into two territories and governed by two different administrations; the north where the Turkish Cypriots dwell is governed by the Turkish Cypriot administration, TRNC and is recognized by Turkey only, and the south which is in the sovereignty of the Greek Cypriots, is the internationally acclaimed Republic of Cyprus. The problem statement of this study, therefore, is: “what is the status of the Turkish Cypriots under the European Law”. Thereof, the analysis of the territorial disparities of the two territories of Cyprus and their European citizenship rights on the behalf of EU laws is crucially important. The main objective of this study is, therefore, to determine the status of the Turkish Cypriots based on the European Citizenship mentality. This is substantiated as means of the viable analysis of the legal and academic resources concerning the Turkish Cypriot community in the northern part of Cyprus. Conclusively, the study advocates the analysis through the application of the European Union laws to Cyprus, and in particular, the ones considering the citizenship rights of the two communities under the legal tenet of Cyprus. Herein, the study analyzes the status of the Turkish Cypriots with respect to the sources of EU Law.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:89 political science
Programme:European Studies MSc (69303)
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