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Scoren met een hattrick: over de effectiviteit van drieslagen in slagzinnen

Jansen, Christiaan (2010) Scoren met een hattrick: over de effectiviteit van drieslagen in slagzinnen.

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Abstract:Marketing- corporate- and political slogans frequently use a three-part list to call for consumers’ attention. A three-part list is slogan consisting of the enumeration of three words, sense parts or sentences which are linked to each other. This rhetorical figure is characterised by the presence or absence of a climax and completeness. Although the three-part list containing a climax is considered the most effective, there is no empirical evidence for this assumption. This study examines the preference for a three-part list in favour of other enumerations. This study also examines the effect of the two characteristics of a three-part list. Effect is measured by slogan appreciation and attitude towards the object. The results show no general preference for a three-part list above both two- and four-part lists. It appears, however, that a three-part list for a product produces more positive attitude towards the product than a four-part list for a product does. The results also point out that both three-part lists with a climax as three-part lists with completeness are appreciated more than combined three-part lists. No empirical evidence is found that a three-part list with a climax is more effective than a threepart list with completeness. Further, the results show a major difference between the intention and perception of a type of three-part list. It seems that a certain intended type of three-part list was not always percepted as being that particular type of a three-part list. Final, the results tend to completeness as the declaration for effect, but difference between declaration by completeness and climax are not significant.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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