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Beleef de woonomgeving! De invloed van identificatie op tevredenheid met de woning en woonomgeving

Rozemuller, Jacomine (2010) Beleef de woonomgeving! De invloed van identificatie op tevredenheid met de woning en woonomgeving.

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Abstract:Perception of the environment becomes more and more important while buying a new house. Functional characteristics of a house are not always the most important. It is about the whole picture, the house as well as the residential area. Property developers become more aware of the fact that the market is changing. Consumers become more and more demanding and houses as well as neighbourhoods have to fit into the wishes and demands of consumers. By dividing the market into different consumer segments, is it possible to fit the houses and neighbourhoods better into the market. In this research the consumer segmentation of The SmartAgent Company has been used. The research which is described in this report is divided into two parts. Firstly the use of 'informative' interviews, followed by quantitative research. The overall research question was: To what extend plays experience an important role in identification and satisfaction of a house and a neighbourhood? To answer the different research questions, thirteen interviews have been carried out by experts, like architects and property developers, as well as with five consumers, who had bought a newly built house in the past year. These interviews were to gather information about core qualities of houses and neighbourhoods. This information worked as input for the quantitative research. The quantitative research was made up of four different descriptions. 221 respondents took part in the questionnaire. The main purpose of this part of the research was to measure the influence of identification for satisfaction with both a house and a neighbourhood. The four different descriptions included a functional or an experience- based description of a house or a neighbourhood. After the questionnaire people were appointed to one of the four segments of the consumer segmentation model of the SmartAgent Company. Results show that identification plays a role in satisfaction of a house as well as a neighbourhood. We also see a difference between the four segments of the SmartAgent Company in the extent of identification. Furthermore, we notice that the blue segment experiences a better identification with a neighbourhood based on experience compared to a functional based neighbourhood. The other coloured segments do not show any difference in identification with the neighbourhood.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Ter Steege Vastgoed Rijssen
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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