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Studying school-based summative assessments in high-stakes examinations in Bhutan: A question of trust?

Dolkar, Dechen (2009) Studying school-based summative assessments in high-stakes examinations in Bhutan: A question of trust?

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Abstract:Based on the model of institutional effects, this study explores the reliability of the school-based teacher assessments when it serves to supplement student achievement in high stakes examinations. With specific focus on performance of the Bhutan Certificate of Secondary Education (BCSE) 2008 graduates in English, the study reports on the reliability of the teacher-assessed, continuous assessment (CA) marks relative to its relationship with the marks scored in the BCSE examination, teachers’ rating of student competencies and student-self rating. A quantitative, cross-sectional correlation study was followed utilizing a descriptive survey method. A survey was undertaken in 10 higher secondary schools in Bhutan, involving 26 class 10 English teachers and 365 BCSE 2008 graduates to establish measures of student competency in English listening and speaking skills through teachers’ rating and student self-rating. Though results indicate moderate conformity among the measurements in the study within schools, results between schools indicate that schools where the students on average score high on BCSE exam tend to score relatively low CA averages and vice versa. That compared to the CA marks for student performance in English listening and speaking skills, the teachers’ rating of students on the same skills relates and co-varies with the BCSE exam marks and the student-self rating to a higher degree. The results illustrating anomalies in the relationship and variance of the CA marks with the other measurements of the same construct and findings of higher agreement among the teachers’ rating the students’ rating and the examination marks than with the CA marks, suggest the probable influence of incentives as predicted by the model of institutional effects.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:81 education, teaching
Programme:Educational Science and Technology MSc (60023)
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