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Product launch improvement at bugaboo international

Wijhe, Andre van (2010) Product launch improvement at bugaboo international.

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Abstract:Bugaboo international is a fast growing, young and innovative stroller company. Because of its explosive growth in the past couple of years, a structured NPD process has just been in use. A research concerning improvements of launch plans for bugaboo was the aim of this assignment. Therefore the central problem definition in this research is formulated as follows: For bugaboo it is unclear what good strategies are to launch new products. The focus of this research lies on the entire product portfolio of bugaboo international and this has resulted in the main question: What are good launch strategies for bugaboo? In this main question the word strategies embraces the entire launch plan of a new bugaboo product. With the use of interviews with bugaboo employees, a focus group meeting with a number of employees and a literature study on product launches, the necessary data was gathered. After an analysis, this resulted in the creation of the bugaboo launch model. That model represents the steps that need to be taken into account when launching a new bugaboo product. The model contains the different approaches of a launch per product type which are determined by launch strategies, launch reasons, launch tactics and launch factors. The choices made, all influence the performance of the new product. That performance consists of the product performance and the market acceptance. Also included in the model are the company conditions, the organizational characteristics of the entire NPD process. The launch plan is determined by placing the new bugaboo product into a product profile next to determining the choice if it is a core or non-core product. This determines the content of the launch strategy and the launch tactics. Different product types ask for other targeted markets and the choice to lead or follow. Next to that, the reason to launch differs per new product. These strategic choices influence the tactical decisions that need to be made besides the differences in the relative advantage and the compatibility of the product. A list of launch factors can modify the choices that are made in how to launch a product. This part of the launch plan will have an impact on the market acceptance of the new product and thus on the entire new product performance. The process performance and the product effectiveness, that have to do with choices in the project team composition, organization of work, the group process, involvement of suppliers and customers and the leadership roles, influence the product performance of the new product and thus the entire new product performance. Finally, the organizational bugaboo company conditions, next to the already mentioned organizational choices that are presented in the process performance and product effectiveness, include internal involvement, trust, confidence and commitment together with responsibilities that are necessary in the NPD process. These other specific bugaboo conditions can add valuable additional aspects to the product development process success.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Bugaboo international, Amsterdam
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration BSc (56834)
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