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Smart chair expert

Diepen, Bart van (2009) Smart chair expert.

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Abstract:This report is written for the bachelor assignment of the course Industrial Design at the University of Twente, conducted for BMA Ergonomics, located at Zwolle. There is worked at the development of the Smart Chair. This is a monitorchair which observes the sitting behavior of the end user. In an ongoing project at BMA Ergonomics, called Smart Chair basic, a basic model is being developed. This chair interacts with the end user through an interface on the chair. During the assignment there is worked on the follow‐up project, called Smart Chair expert, hereby the basic is expanded so it can interact on a higher level with the end user. After analyzing the assignment and the sponsor the computer has been chosen as user interface. Due to use of the monitorchairs a computer is always present. By means of concepts there is determined that the RF‐module only plays a role as receiver and all interactions takes place on the computer. Through analysis of development issues there has been convergated to the final result. A communicationsystem consisting of three layers has been developed. Also there has been assigned that feedback takes place through color and visibility. Among others by looking for similar software products is determined that the expert distincts sitting posture, movement and pause behavior. In addition, the end user can load applets on the expert, they can be sitting behavior related or not. Before the final user interface could be drawn up, first concepts are developed. This supports the choice for the final design. Also a number of obscure facets are visualized in this proces, so a choice could be made easier. Next to this the visualization made clear that the interface folder at first was to complex and therefore an improvement had to be made. Besides the software there is also a RF‐module developed. This is most comparable with aUSB key, only it has more functionalities. The design relates to the design of the user interface and the branding design of BMA. For the personification a display has been placed in the RF module. The expert and the RF module are supplied in a packaging, which is also developed. Just like the design of the RF‐module is it related to the user interface and BMA. Also the packaging plays an important role in the first impression of the expert. For this reason a package is developed which presents itself as an important interesting gift. With the outcome a solid foundation for the development of the expert has been made. This expert functions as a present part of the workplace, which allows end users to learn about their sitting behaviour. Due to the presence of the expert, the end user is unconsciously being encouraged to get down with his sitting behaviour. Therefore sitting changes from a low interest to an interesting process. This results in an improvement in the sitting behavior of the end user.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
BMA Ergonomics
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms, 52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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