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New design for Ambient Systems MicroRouter

Eilering, Sanne (2010) New design for Ambient Systems MicroRouter.

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Abstract:To complete the bachelor assignment is done for Ambient Systems BV. This company specialized in the development of wireless sensor networks. The goal of this assignment is creating a new industrial design for the casing of the MicroRouter. The MicroRouter is one of the products in the current product series 3000. The device communicates between various devices in the network. The company is not satisfied with the current off‐the‐shelf casing. They would like a more suitable industrial design. The focus during the development was on the current used components and the functional aspects. Research resulted in information that was needed for the new design. The company, the market and the competitors were a few of the focus points during the research. The analysis of the company resulted in a better picture of the company’s image, the future goals and requirements set up by the company. The functionality of the MicroRouter became clear when information was gathered about the functioning of the wireless sensor network. Furthermore information of the components of the MicroRouter and the environment where the device operates was gathered. This information was incorporated into a list of requirements. Concepts were made based on sketches and the gathered information. The concepts were compared with the list of requirement to make a choice for a final design. The final design looks clean and robust. The design uses all the current components of the current device. Furthermore it is a practical applicable design that meets the requirements. The look of the device suits the company and can form a product line with the SmartPoint. Information on materials, production and costs was also gathered. The result is that the casing will be made of ABS and has a separate part of PC. Both will be made by injection moulding. There is also a suggestion made for a future design of the MicroRouter. In this design the current used components are replaced.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Ambient Systems
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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