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Design of a bicycle storage facility in Rio de Janeiro

Bergsma, Job (2010) Design of a bicycle storage facility in Rio de Janeiro.

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Abstract:The purpose of this report is to design bicycle storage facilities for rich and poor in the city of Rio de Janeiro, as part of a worldwide bicycle policy, supported by the NGO I-CE (interface cycling expertise). This is being performed by first analyzing the local state of cycling these days. After that there has been investigated in ways to improve the poor situation of the bicycle in this town by first looking at the ones that have been there before. Also there has been a look at product marketing, which has been carried out on the courses of ‘Marketing for Industrial Design’ of the University of Twente. This information has been used in the resuming part, in which a design solution has been created, being part of the task. This design has been modelled and rendered, by making use of graphical computer software. In the beginning the main focus was on bicycle use as well as on public transport. But during the internship the decision has been made to only focus on bicycle use, since public transport was actually used a lot in town already. It had its points that were very suitable to undergo some improvements, but this was not being focused upon in the resuming part. The focus from that point on was to change people’s attitude and behaviour towards cycling. One of the findings is that it is quite hard to let people change their behaviour towards cycling. It therefore has been decided to make use of cyclers that are already making use of the bicycle. The idea is to enhance their position so that they will continue cycling. By keeping them satisfied, the expectation is that they will spread to word to other potential bicycle user. The design needed to be something ‘big’, something recognizable and something that they, the local inhabitants and users, could be proud of when using it. This demand has been fulfilled in the design. A desire from Nanko van Buuren, director at host organization IBISS, was that users would get more aware of their spendings and the amount of money they were able to save, if they would use the bicycle every day instead of using the car or public transport. Therefore a solution to this has also been implemented into the design. It is desirable if the storage facility would be combined with some kind of kiosk or local vender, so that the facility could be guarded, and so that the facility could be a major opportunity to the kiosk because customers of the facility could be customer of the kiosk as well.
Item Type:Internship Report (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:51 materials science
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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