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Het ontwerpen van drie gerelateerde producten powertube | burton krik | elektrische burton

Bogt, O.P. ter (2009) Het ontwerpen van drie gerelateerde producten powertube | burton krik | elektrische burton.

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Abstract:The bachelor project is the final project before getting the bachelor. With the last project, the knowledge and skills that are gained when studying are put in practice and tested. Students show that they do not only have the knowledge regarding the contents of the courses, but also the ability to work and report systematically. The final bachelor project has been done at Burton Car Company in Zutphen, which is ‘the nicest and biggest sports car manufacturer of the Netherlands’, as they say themselves. It is a company that is specialized in her own product: the Burton car, and also its donor, the Citroen 2CV. Besides products and parts that are useful when building or improving the Burton and the 2CV, the company also develops products in other product ranges. The Burton is a unambiguous car. Its shapes, its sound, its characteristics: it obviously is a Burton. In 2002, the first Burton was built. The car is a conversion of a Citroën 2CV, better known as the ‘Ugly duckling’. Because of the passion for car design and the techniques of the bothers Göbel, the car has been created. A car with some characteristics of its donor, but with a complete new design. The Burton is a construction box that can be put together by a hobby builder, but that can also be bought completely finished. Since the Burton is based on the 2CV, some of the parts are similar, such as the Powertube. The powertube is a tube that gives extra power to the engine. Thus, the performance of the car increases. However, the current design does not meet the all the requirements and needs to be improved. The first design assignment of the bachelor project concerns this part. The price, quality and logo need to be improved. The powertube is a complex product that made redesigning a rather complex process. The new powertube is a product with a powerful charisma and a lot of freedom of movement which reduces the production price with a good eighty percent. Prototypes have been produced with the aid of rapid prototyping and a technical computer model has been sent to an Asian manufacturer in order to have a pilote production being made. The second project is the Burton car jack, which is an innovative car jack suited for the Burton and Citroen 2CV. It is a simple shelf that, with the aid of an innovative mechanism, can be used as a car jack. The assignment is to find out whether the car jack can be used for more car models and to make a new design for the jack. There is another aspect to the assignment: the car jack now consists of two parts, the shelf and a assisting piece of wood. The wish is to create a car jack that does not need any assistance of an extra part, but that is all inclusive. Also, the car jack has to become less sensitive for wearing out. The outcome is rather negative. It appeared to be that the Burton car jack was not suitable for other car models, not even completely for the 2CV. Also integrating the additional piece of wood turned out to be impossible. The power that is needed to lift the car on the car jack would become too much. Even though the results are not that good, a recommendation concerning the problem of wearing out is done. The third and last project that had to be done was working on the project of building a electric Burton. This project was meant as a kind of engineer side-project. The task was to lead and help the creation of an electric driveline for the Burton. One has been assembled to the chassis, and there has been communicated and learned a lot about entrepreneurship. Right now, the project is in a stadium that the builders have to wait for good batteries, because the current ones are not powerful enough. This might take a while. In this project, a lot is learned about so many subjects, and a lot of energy has been put in it. There has been put a lot of work in every assignment, and every assignment had its results. This final bachelor project was very educating and helped putting the gained knowledge in practice, which lead to getting a lot of experience.
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Burton Car Company
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:51 materials science
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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