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DGT Cube‐ Lancering van de digitale speltimer naar een nieuwe markt

Scheer, Jesse van der (2010) DGT Cube‐ Lancering van de digitale speltimer naar een nieuwe markt.

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Abstract:At the start of this assignment the first days were spent to learn more about the company DGT and the product that is in the focus of this project. Because there were two previous bachelor assignments that elaborated on the development of the Cube there already was some knowledge about the target audience and ways the product can be promoted. Because of the short research time in this project, that was very convenient. After a good mapping of the existing situation, a plan to present the Cube in the market was made. First the market for the product was reviewed. Then a suitable strategy for price, product, place and promotion was developed. In addition, a time schedule to apply this strategy effectively for the introduction of the Cube was included. With the promotion strategy came demands on the visual presentation of the Cube. A given message needs to be conveyed by product name, logo and image. The various promotional tools that will be used need to match. With guidelines for visual presentation it is possible to develop packaging, advertising, an exhibition stand and website to provide a consistent presentation. With an elaborate promotional strategy and requirements for the Cube’s visual presentation there is a solid basis for the development of materials needed for market introduction. The first step was to develop packaging for the Cube as well as an understandable user manual. There was a short time span to complete these designs because they needed to be included in the production process for the Cube. The product will be packed in a compact blister where it is clearly visible. This makes the product easy to place in a store and provides a solid protection. The User manual also gives enough information to let new users become acquainted to the functionality easily. With the product ready for production is was time to focus on the presentation at the toy fair of Neurenberg in February 2010. In collaboration with others an advertisement, banner, promotional video, promotional cube, exhibition stand and a website were realized. This resulted in a successful presentation of the Cube in Neurenberg. The development of a website is a good opportunity to elaborate on the use of the Cube to potential buyers. The intended use of the product, applying time limits to board games, is only rarely applied. By offering ideas for potential use of the Cube, people can be inspired to use the timer in their favorite games. With all the different aspects that are discussed in this report an uniform product presentation was developed. The Cube is now ready for the market.
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Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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