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Het verhogen van de exploitatie van buitensportaccommodaties

Beer, Manon de (2010) Het verhogen van de exploitatie van buitensportaccommodaties.

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Abstract:This Bachelor Assignment was executed at SRO. SRO is a company which takes care of the exploitation sporting accommodations, such as sports fields. Especially in daytime these fields are not being used. That is why SRO is searching for an activity which will result in a better exploitation of their sports fields during he daytime. The activity that is developed is called 'golf billiards'. In essence this is a billiards game on a hockey field. By six frameworks of steel and six wooden beams a golf billiards court is created. The rules of the game are the same as the rules of billiards. These rules are simple and could be recognized by the players. The game is played with sixteen balls, one white and one black ball and fourteen colored balls, as with billiards. By hitting the white ball by a miniature golf stick, players have to get their balls (solid and half balls) in the goals at first. Players have to take turns hitting the balls. When someone is hitting a ball, all other players have to stand outside the golf billiards court. Four of the goals are located in the corners and two are located along the long sides. These are the same places where the steel frameworks are located. In between the frameworks wooden beams have to be placed. These beams are four meters long and can be hinged in the middle. This makes it easier to store the whole court. Furthermore the beams have a width of 40 millimeters and a height of 100 millimeters. This height will assure the balls, with a maximum height of 100 millimeters, will stay inside the court. This height makes it also possible to easily step over. Golf billiards can take place at the hockey fields of the sport club AMHC in Amersfoort. Hockey fields have short grass, which is needed for golf billiards. From interviews with several employees of SRO appeared that AMHC is a vital sports club with ideas for the future. Because the sports club, which is next to the field, will play a facilitating role it is important that the club has a vision. Furthermore AMHC is located in a quarter of Amersfoort where a lot of older people live. The activity was primarily designed for the older people (55 years and older). This target group has more time during the daytime in comparison to other possible target groups. Thereby this target group has possibilities for activities on a sports field. Within the target group elderly, there are a lot of different types of elderly. The design is intended for the elderly without physique problems and with minimum motivation to do sports. Stiggelbout (2009) has done research about the motivation of elderly to be physically active. He distinguished three motivational dimensions: ‘Relax and Enjoy’, ‘Cure and Care’ and ‘Competition’. By scenarios for these three motivational dimensions five ideas for activities and/or products are developed. The different ideas are: ‘golf billiards’, ‘driving range’, ‘field of balance’, ‘area define blinds’ and ‘lines on artificial fields’. Golf billiards is chosen because of the innovativeness of the activity and SRO wants to see this activity further developed. The idea golf billiards is divided into four parts; the rules of the game, the balls, sticks and the court. For every part requirements and specification are determined. Only the court is developed further and three concepts are generated by the use of a morphological scheme. One of these concepts is inflatable and another concept court has to be built up out of different massive wooden beams. The chosen concept, as mentioned earlier, consists of frameworks of steel and wooden beams. This court can be easily produced and has enough stifness and mass to keep the balls inside the court. Before the activity can be introduced to the market, the concept has to be further developed and tests should be executed. Nevertheless golf billiards has the potential to raise the exploitation of the sports fields of SRO.
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Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:51 materials science
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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