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Democratic compliance in Ukraine and Moldova within the framework of the European neighbourhood policy

Kleveman, Nils (2011) Democratic compliance in Ukraine and Moldova within the framework of the European neighbourhood policy.

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Abstract:With the Eastern Enlargement in 2004, Moldova and Ukraine shifted to the direct neighbourhood of the European Union. The EU launched the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) to address the challenges of direct neighbourhood. One crucial point of this policy is the democratisation of neighbouring countries. Reviewing the first five years of the ENP, this paper examines what factors determine democratic compliance of those neighbours. It takes a closer look at Moldova and Ukraine, building on exploratory research. The following research question emerges: Why does democratic compliance within the European Neighbourhood Policy framework turn out to be effective to different degrees in Ukraine and Moldova between 2004 and 2009? To answer this question, a comparative case study is conducted, consisting of process tracing and a most similar-­‐method analysis. Both external intergovernmental and societal factors are tested. External intergovernmental factors cover ‘domestic political costs’ and ‘size of rewards’. Societal factors comprise ‘economic development’, ‘institutional set-­‐up’ and ‘economic liberty’. The data sources contain ENP-­‐related EU documents and data from various international institutions. Each country is studied separately, before both cases are put into comparison. It turns out that while societal factors are unable to explain the different outcomes, external intergovernmental factors are more likely to explain the puzzle. ‘Domestic political costs’ serve to explain the outcome divergence between the two cases, while the ‘size of rewards’ appears less contributive to explain the differences.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:89 political science
Programme:European Studies BSc (56627)
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