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Kids-website voor Pico Sol : het ontwerp van een website over zonnestroom voor kinderen van 10 tot 12 jaar

Einmahl, Erik (2010) Kids-website voor Pico Sol : het ontwerp van een website over zonnestroom voor kinderen van 10 tot 12 jaar.

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Abstract:ABSTRACT This report is the completion of the final bachelor assignment of the study Industrial Design at the Twente University, Enschede. This report describes how a kids website is designed and developed for the foundation Pico Sol, Amersfoort. Pico Sol’s main aim is to set up small solar power projects in several development countries and to educate children on Dutch primary schools about solar energy and their own energy usage. The goal of the website is to let the children within the Pico Sol’s target group get familiar with solar energy in a fun and joyful way. This assignment is started off with an analysis of the target group. The focus in this analysis was to determine what common interests the target group has and what information needs the target group has regarding to the solar energy theme. This analysis has been done by questioning over 130 children within the age range of 10-12 years old. The outcomes of this research are that the Pico Sol website’s design has to be cheerful and that sufficient information about solar energy has to be found on the website. Also important is that the website should not be too childish. By interviewing several employees within Pico Sol the market position of the website is determined with respect to other popular media (both television and internet) to make the function of the website more clear. The main result is that there has to be found a good balance between both what’s called the ‘fun factor’ and the ‘education factor’. In other words: the website has to be fun with all sorts of games to play and other activities, but also has to deliver sufficient useful information about solar energy so that one could use it to make a presentation on a primary school level. After all the research was done the website is designed and developed with use of modern web technology that allows the user to easily change the visual theme of the website without changing the informational content. In addition to that, the website is fitted with interactive Flash-animations that allows to user to gain knowledge about solar energy on a more dynamic and active way. After the website was developed, it was tested with a group of children in a user test. The results of this test are very positive and shows that the website fits the needs of the users. It also shows that the children don’t think the the website is too childish. The website was also compared to the previously made list of requirements. From both forms of evaluation a list of future improvements has been made.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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