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"Wat belangrijk is sturen ze wel met de post" Een onderzoek naar communicatiekanaalkeuzes van kwekers

Hofste, Ankie (2011) "Wat belangrijk is sturen ze wel met de post" Een onderzoek naar communicatiekanaalkeuzes van kwekers.

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Abstract:There are many communication channels which people use to be informed . The choice for using a communication channel is mainly based on the way the information is given and are not always based on the needs of users. But the users needs are to be considered. To prevent a gap between channel choices of providers and users it is important to consider certain factors like channel characteristics, task determinants, situational and emotional factors and personal characteristics. This study will try to answer the research question: Which factors are important for the channel choice of FloraHollands growers. Besides searching for information at FloraHolland, growers also receive a lot information from FloraHolland. Thereby the next question arises: do certain factors determine the choice of getting information and which factors determine the choice of receiving information? Through six interviews, 477 questionnaires and 32 scenario's which were filled in by 477 growers, we tried to answer these questions. The study shows that four groups of factors have independently an influence on the channel choice of growers. Except when there are interactions of factors: the influence of certain factors disappear and only importance, time, emotion, sales volume, the age of a grower and the kind of floriculture influence on the channel choice. In addition, growers prefer receiving information instead of searching for information. There are more factors which determine the choice of searching for information. In order to geare the channel choices of growers it is very important for FloraHolland to consider which factors influence the channel choice. Receiving information is mainly preferred by growers of FloraHolland instead of searching for information. With that held in mind, FloraHolland cannot abruptly implement communication channels whereby growers have to search for information.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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