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The added value of intranet to intra-organizational matters

Kamp, Katharina (2011) The added value of intranet to intra-organizational matters.

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Abstract:The current research has two focus areas. First, the internal, organizational matters of relationships, communication, trust, commitment and identification (we-feeling) at the Laboratorium Microbiologie (LabMicta) are brought to light. Second, the added value of intranet to these matters is investigated. The exact contribution of intranet to organizational matters is a new field in the social science. To get the best insight as possible into the situation within LabMicta, qualitative research methods were chosen. By means of in-depth-interviews and focus group discussions an explorative study was accomplished. Furthermore, in order to investigate the usage of the present intranet, the quantitative research method small scale survey was used. The results of the qualitative research show that the representation of the organizational matters is weak within the organization. There are hardly any relationships between divisions and communication is in most instances absent. Furthermore, trust, commitment and identification are poorly represented as well. On the one hand, people control others a lot, but on the other there is also a basic trust between employees, which is imperative to do business within such a high skilled organization. Commitment to the organization is broken but the commitment towards the patients is still very high. Identification with the organization only takes place at the lowest organizational level: People do only identify with the work group or division they are employed to but not to the organization as a whole. The survey revealed that respondents are unsatisfied with the current intranet. Respondents criticize that the content is not up-to-date and therefore not reliable. Besides that, people do not understand what the purpose of the intranet is and are little inclined to use it. Respondents have some ideas how intranet could contribute to organizational matters within the organization in the near future. First of all, in general more communication between divisions could improve the situation. People want to know what is going on in the organization. Specific tools on intranet, which could make a difference, are blogs and discussion fora which would result in a more interactive site. Furthermore, reliable, up-to-date information is requested. Respondents think that those applications will result in a better understanding for each other within the organization. This understanding is, according to the respondents, the beginning of more trust, commitment and identification. Therefore, intranet can have added value for LabMicta.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Laboratorium Microbiologie Twente/Achterhoek
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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