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Invloed van vertrouwenskenmerken op het vertrouwen in een online financiële dienstverlener

Kalverda, Leontien (2011) Invloed van vertrouwenskenmerken op het vertrouwen in een online financiële dienstverlener.

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Abstract:BACKGROUND: The research presented here addresses if trust features on a website influence the way people judge the credibility of an online financial service and the way people judge the website itself. In this study, trust is defined as trust in the online financial service organization. The research focuses on the confidence in ability, benevolence, and integrity of the organization. When a consumer is convinced of these elements he will be more likely to have a more dependent or vulnerable attitude towards the organization. METHOD: Specific features are placed on a website to increase the trust in the organization. These features are called trust features. However, in order for the trust features to work they need to be noticed and remembered by the website visitors. Using a questionnaire and eye-tracking, it was assessed what respondents observed on a website, if they had confidence in it, and how they judged the organization behind the site. The main research question is: Is there influence of trust features on the trust people have in an online financial service organization? RESULTS: In this study, a significant impact on the observed behavioral intention by trust features was observed. In addition, a significant influence of the trust features on the website valuation was seen. The research indicates that there is no significant difference between respondents who viewed a website with trust features or respondents who viewed a website without trust features. Participants who had previous experience with the use of online financial services did have significantly more trust in the financial service provider than respondents with no previous experience of online financial services. The website that was used in this study, was considered to be of satisfactory quality; respondents rated the website an average of 6.5 out of 10 points. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION: From this study, it cannot be concluded if the trust features affect the trust in online financial services when they are used all together. Whether the trust features affect trust when used separately, cannot be said after this research. However, the trust features do affect the behavioral intention and website valuation. Experience with online services plays an important role in the level of trust in an online financial service organization. It is recommended to take this into account when using the internet for customer acquisition.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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