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Afsluiting SKEWIEl MOBIEL : onderzoek naar een nieuwe deur

Haas, Wouter de (2010) Afsluiting SKEWIEl MOBIEL : onderzoek naar een nieuwe deur.

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Abstract:This paper is about the designing of a door for an electric vehicle. This vehicle is used as a means of transportation for elderly people in the Frisian community of De Trynwâlden. The service that runs the transportation is called Skewiel Mobiel. The current door, however, doesn’t suffice for this situation. An analysis of the situation shows that the current door doesn’t block out the draft when driving. This is because the door doesn’t fully close, resulting in a gap between the door and the car frame. Moreover the door trembles heavily when driving, giving a perception of insecurity. The elderly request that these issues will be dealt with. Other requests and demands include: physical support while entering or exiting the vehicle, a door that blocks the noise and a door that will offer a decent view of the side mirrors. In light of an analysis about the common ways of opening and closing in daily life, 21 concepts are created. Those concepts are assessed with the help of the demands of the elderly people. Out of those 21 concepts three are selected for further development. . ‘scharnierconcept’, a concept in which the doors open by means of hinges. • ‘ladeconcept’, a concept in which the doors open by means of a drawer like motion. • ‘parallelconcept’, a concept in which the doors open like an expanding parallelogram. Models of the three concepts are tested among the elderly who have experience in using the Skewiel Mobiel. The results imply that the ‘scharnierconcept’ is the best. This is mainly because the test subjects felt safe with it, unlike with the other two concepts. The test subjects don’t see any benefit in using the ‘ladeconcept’ or the ‘parallelconcept’. An analysis about the costs and the manufacturability also seems to imply that the ‘scharnierconcept’ is better. It shows that it will be around 200 euro less expensive, while being the easiest to assemble. In light of these analyses, it will be recommended to Skewiel Trynwâlden to install the doors from the ‘scharnierconcept
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Skewiel Trynwalden
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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