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“Ontwerp van een GUI voor robotgestuurde endoscopische onderzoeken “

Bussink, Majorie (2010) “Ontwerp van een GUI voor robotgestuurde endoscopische onderzoeken “.

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Abstract:This report explains the design process of a graphical user interface that performs robotic endoscopic examinations. This project is done as part of a PhD of 4 students. They make a robot that can perform remote endoscopic treatments. This assignment will answer the following questions: 1. What are the requirements and wishes with regard to the graphical user interface? 2. What does the OR1 system look like? 3. What is the graphical user interface look like? 4. Does the simulation meet the requirements in the beginning? I started with a preliminary research. In this preliminary research, the first and second questions will be answered. Therefore the available literature within this research is consulted, a market research is performed, the OR1 system is analyzed and documents of the TeleFLEX project are read. All these different studies have led to a List of Requirements. It contains many requirements in terms of use, system appearance, display and ergonomics. The main requirements are that the interface is totally clear and intuitive, but that it also meets all predefined functions. These functions are: - Make a photo; - Make a video; - Change the settings of the camera; - Change the settings of the screen; - Edit the patients dossier; - View X-rays; - Etc. This list of requirements is used to make a function analysis. This analysis tells us which functions will be needed and provides some guidance in generating different concepts. Finally, there are three different concepts generated. These concepts are all developed in PowerPoint. By means of a small test under different people one concept is chosen. This concept is based on three separate screens that are always visible to the doctor. It has a screen for the patient’s vital signs, a screen for the endoscopic camera image and a menu screen. Most of the function of the List of Requirements will be in the menu screen. This concept is further developed in Flash to meet all the requirements. After making several iterations, making a choice, come back on certain choices and again making choices, a final simulation arose. The simulation consists of three separate screens. A menu screen, this screen contains the menu with the various features. The camera screen, this screen is the image of the endoscope. And the dynamic data screen this screen shows the dynamic data of the patient and of the endoscope. Furthermore, there are three features elaborated in the simulation namely; the feature make photo, adding annotations to the image and the functionality of the right screen. The latest version of the simulation (version 1.3) gives direct answer to the third question of this research. The created simulation is finally tested by different people who understand mechatronics, software, electronics, mechanics and ergonomics. In general they were positive about the simulation, but sometimes they missed some feedback at a detailed level. For example when making a picture, the person pressed the button ‘make photo’ and expects a sound, text or other confirmation that the photo actually has been made. This did not happen and would be an improvement for the user. The simulation isn’t developed perfectly to meet all the expectations of the users for all subjects. The most important recommendations for further improvement of the simulation are: - Further development of the photo and movie function; - Adequate feedback at a detailed level. ; - Further research at the setting functions of the interface.; Finally it can be concluded that the simulation meets almost all initial requirements. Four requirements are not satisfied partially. These requirements are: - The font; - The starting up time; - The start button; - The camera settings; These subjects will be requirements for further development of the simulation. This conclusion has also responded the fourth and final research question.
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