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Apeldoorn heeft antwoord : vindbaarheid van informatie op de website van Gemeente Apeldoorn

Delic, Eldar (2011) Apeldoorn heeft antwoord : vindbaarheid van informatie op de website van Gemeente Apeldoorn.

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Abstract:BACKGROUND INFORMATION: The municipality of Apeldoorn city would like to improve its service provision, which is also a standpoint of the Dutch government for all of its municipalities as well. The striving vision is to create a customer service centre, which is supposed to be the unique portal of the city council for citizens, companies and other institutions for all kinds of governmental products and services, and also for related products and services of other institutions cooperating with the municipality. As it has evolved, in the meantime this project is called ‘e-government for citizens’. Some recognizable components of the project e-government for citizens are: one special telephone number, one physical information counter, one website, one web box. Within the scope of the project e-government for citizens the municipality of Apeldoorn city defined the objective to be able in 2013 to accomplish 60% of citizens’ requests in one time. That means that citizens’ requests should be answered in once, regardless of their choice of channel (telephone, e-mail or website), without putting them through to another person or another channel. The solution to this is first to create one database, which contains all the content, and which serves as the only source for all the information across all service channels. RESEARCH PROBLEM: Having such a database as the only source with all the information within, means also that the information has to be successfully findable. To accomplish the above mentioned objective of answering 60% of citizens’ requests well in one time, municipality of Apeldoorn wants to make its information better findable. This lead to a reason for municipality of Apeldoorn to do a research how to improve the findability of its information. For that municipality of Apeldoorn is going to employ a search engine based on Google technology. The research problem would be then, how the search engine would have to be set up in order to find the best search results first. PURPOSE: The purpose of this case study was to discover how municipality of Apeldoorn can take care of that citizens and its employees can find information about municipal products and services faster and easier. Further, the purpose was that this research delivers input for the set up of the search engine, so the search engine can find information more effective and more efficiently. Finally the overall purpose of that was to make information within the database of municipality of Apeldoorn better findable. For that purpose as the end product a model with evaluation criteria was developed. With the help of the model municipality of Apeldoorn can research and stimulate the findability of its information. RESEARCH QUESTION: Based on the previous information the following research main question was defined: How can municipality of Apeldoorn optimize the search engine of its database, to improve the findability of its information, in order to provide citizens as fast as possible with the right information about its products and services?
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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